Housing News Update 3/12/2013

The Housing News Update is a collection of articles and reports that help provide a context for the national dialogue on Affordable Housing Policy and Community Development. News and Updates on the work happening in Connecticut is also available.


REMINDER:Planning Meeting to Organize Support for Incentive Housing Zone in Windham; 8:30 AM at Windham Regional Community Council, 872 Main St, Willimantic, CT 06226. You can visit the WINCOG Incentive Housing Zone website here and check the news section for upcoming Public Hearing dates and draft zoning regulations.

From the Shelterforce Rooflines Blog:

    Of all the things that get in the way of better and more affordable housing options, the biggest obstacle may well be the tangle of building, zoning and occupancy regulations governing what can be built and how it can be used.
    Six years into the housing crisis, the federal government is backing 9 out of 10 mortgages, too many creditworthy households are unable to obtain home financing, and the number of low-income renters experiencing “severe” housing cost burdens is at an all-time high.
    The report outlines a new way of measuring the proposed impact of affordable housing development, called the Real Affordability Index. Instead of simply counting units, the index measures a development’s impact along different metrics.
    A new report from the Rand Corporation confirms that the housing produced by these policies is in fact “inclusionary,” meaning it creates or preserves affordable housing in areas of low poverty.

From Huffington Post:

    Low-income families, veterans, senior citizens and disabled individuals waiting for assistance under the federal housing voucher program may have to wait even longer as public housing agencies begin to cope with budget cuts.

From the Partnership for Strong Communities:

    CHFA has launched a new initiative to offer financing for multifamily properties, providing the owners are willing to designate a percentage of the units as affordable.  In December, CHFA’s Board of Directors approved financing for the first of these conversion projects in Groton and East Windsor.

From the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development, Inc:

    Learn about Affordable Housing Policy and Collaborative Initiatives, as well as comprehensive research reports, with this small collection of over 20 resources.
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